About Us

Hong Kong has been known for its excellence in tailoring for over five decades and BMV Bespoke Tailors is one of the most highly reputed names in the market. Making a Suit is a passion for us, from crafting a suit to finishing it, each and every detail is important; such as fine hand-stitching, working cuff buttons, reinforcing armholes to double reinforcing in the crotch. Our motive is to finish every detail to the perfection with the highest standards to dress you for success. When it comes to the range of fabrics, we provide all sorts of fabrics for all seasons from ultra-light wool of only 7oz for summers to medium weight wool of 9-13 oz for year round and heavy weight wool which is anything above 14oz for winters.

Apart from this in each category we provide different fabric ranges, which suites your budget and requirements. In light and medium weight category we carry all qualities like super 100's, 120's, 150's…, you name it and we have it. We have a wide range of fabric selections of cotton, linen, silk, wool, worsted wool, merino wool, wool mixes like wool and cotton, wool and linen to the expensive range of cashmere wool, wool and vaccuna and many more. We also carry a wide range of shirt fabrics of Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, Oxford cotton, Pinpoint cotton, 2 ply cotton and the list goes on.

Well, yes, anyone can carry a wide range of fabrics but to finish a perfect bespoke garment this is not all, we are still forgetting the vital and the most important part of bespoke tailoring "Measurements and Cutting". Taking perfect measurements are not easy because every individual has a different body type and as we know "nobody is perfect". We have to take care of all those imperfections into account which we have in our bodies to produce a perfect fit, which is not only to fit your body type but will also make you look like “A Million Dollar Man”.

With years of experience, we learned that just taking the measurements are not enough to produce the perfect fit. Since we are taking measurements thousand miles away from Hong Kong, from the hotel suites and not from our regular workshops. So, we introduce digital technology to our business and we started taking digital photographs of our clients. We e-mail these digital photographs with our orders immediately to our workshops back in Hong Kong, so that our tailors can start working on your order almost immediately.

This technology has given a big boost to our business as a cutter who sitting thousands of miles away can see the actual person and the defaults (body posture) by his own eyes and cut accordingly. Secondly we save a lot of time by e-mailing orders back to Hong Kong that is why when you order with us, you will receive a fully bespoke hand finish suit in 4 to 5 weeks. We can also do express deliveries within 2 weeks with a little extra cost.

By now you must be wondering that these guys are only talking about their suits and not about themselves, well you can see a lot of tailor's websites and they only talk about themselves, how they become famous!! how they become rich!! NO we don't wanna talk about all that, we only want to talk about our beautiful suits & shirts and we only want our clients to know us by our suits and service and as said earlier making a suit is a passion for us that's why we only talk about suits and nothing else.

We aim to provide a professional and personal service to all our customers, which involves coming to your nearest city and an appointment arranged by you to suit your busy schedule. The finished result will be a distinctive and well-designed suit that will leave a lasting impression.

We are not sales people, but true Tailors. Come and visit us and see for yourself that our service, in this ‘dying art’ is truly unique and incomparable.